Technology is at the heart of training for both the military and law enforcement. Dann Developments provide a range of equipment designed, tested and developed by professionals for training and operational duties.

VIPER – User of force simulator

Qual-X - Instructor

We supply a range of  products including the VIPER range of Live and Laser Firearms Training Systems that can be deployed as either a fixed or mobile system.

The VIPER Firearms Training System offers a high quality training capability at a competitive and realistic price. The team are working side by side with strategic partners who have a thorough understanding of the training needs of police and militaries from around the world.

SHOTWATCH – Live fire turning target hit detection system


The Shotwatch System was born from users requesting the ability to view students shot pattern without constantly walking up and down their indoor ranges.

DYTAC – Operational training and planning tool


Dynamic Tactics, provides the user with a multi page, structured, 2D/3D, animated solution for training, operational planning/briefing, contingency planning and evacuation procedures, with built in sector specific attributes.

To find out more about how we can support your training and operational needs please get in touch via email or telephone +44 (0) 1476 512372