Dynamic Tactics provides the user with a multi page, structured, 2D/3D, animated solution for training, operational planning/briefing, contingency planning and evacuation procedures, with built in sector specific attributes.

• Create multi page animated overview planning, training and debriefing packages in minutes, to produce realistic 2D animated plan views of the movements of personnel, vehicles, aircraft and more.

• DYTAC provides the ability to clearly convey roles procedures, areas of responsibility fields of vision and arcs of fire.

dytac03 • Standardise your entry and evacuation procedures.

• The ability to scale your background image to allow for time critical planning.

• Create contingency planning solutions for key targets or vulnerable buildings and areas.

• Overlay your animation on aerial photos, maps, scanned images, mobile phone pictures. In fact you can utilise just about any image.

• Can be used as a presentation/training tool within any area: military, police, emergency services or civilian.

• The ability to overlay multiple videos, audios, figures, vehicles, images, text boxes.

• Overlay: search areas, clock ray TI, ranks, call signs, arcs, fields of vision, etc.

• Save and send – Store and re-use.

• Populate the figures library with your own dytac04vehicles and personnel, as well as utilising the pre populated libraries.

• Clearly present briefings and debriefings.

•Populate the database with maps, aerial photographs, buildings and floor plans from your own region as well as utilising the pre populated database

DYTAC 3D, Is an integral component of DYTAC and provides the end user with the ability to create basic 3D Buildings, floor plans, urban areas and common structures with a comprehensive walk through function
•Create buildings in seconds to produce basic 3D interpretations of urban areas.



  • Planning an entry is fast and effective.
  • Each individuals role is clearly conveyed.
  • Audio commands can be inserted.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the complete process is achieved by all.
  • Brief and debrief with the provision of a verifiable audit trail.
  • Extensive library provided.