Introducing the FoxFire shooting and gaming system designed specifically for hunters, target shooters, gun enthusiasts, gamers, or anyone wanting to enhance their current home theater or venue.  FoxFire is suitable for all ages and has something for the whole family, from trap and practical shooting simulations to hunting pheasants or surviving a zombie apocalypse. FoxFire can be used with all the latest televisions and projection displays and is designed to fit nicely with your existing home audio/video components. Games and training software can be configured and started from the central, easy to use, system interface which provides instructions, past scores, user favorites, and more for all FoxFire enhanced games and simulations. Put all your games in one place, just install your favorite PC-based games and have a custom icon appear right on the FoxFire home screen.

Try FoxFire at your next party or corporate event, or engage in some friendly competitive shooting with family and friends. Check out even more awesome features, games, and accessories and start experiencing a true home entertainment system. We didn’t invent home entertainment or the shooting simulator, we just perfected it!

FoxFire is a new, cutting edge simulation system that allows you to shoot for fun. It can be used on any type of TV or a projected image. Laser weapons are used to interact with games such as pheasant, clays, hunting scenes, through to range pistol targets, even Zombie games.

At a realistic price, FoxFire allows you to have fun whilst learning the basics of safe shooting. In a safe environment children can be taught the correct way to handle shotguns so that when they progress to the real thing they have far more understanding of the true dangers.

When it is not convenient to shoot outdoors FoxFire is the perfect way to have fun and keep”your eye in”