Digital Target Interface

The Shotwatch System was born from users requesting the ability to be able to view a students shot pattern without constantly walking up and down their indoor ranges.

The paper targets are monitored using High Definition cameras, as the target turns in to the “Face” position it is constantly monitored by the camera which looks for holes made by bullets passing through. This information is then processed by the Shotwatch software on a PC, which then highlights each and every shot in order during an AAR (After Action Review) on a tablet.

Every shooting session can be saved under specific student names to be recalled at a later date.


Camera: One HD camera is required per target. They are installed in a protected area, either behind a pit wall or more likely behind a baffle located in the range ceiling. The camera is then calibrated to the target prior to training.

PC: The PC is mounted alongside the camera, behind the baffle. It can either be mounted on the baffle itself or inside a mounting bracket on the ceiling. The Shotwatch software is loaded on to the PC and tested prior to installation.

Tablet: An iPad can be used to operate the Shotwatch software from within the range. This allows the instructor to be in total control of the whole session. If slave tablets are required, (viewing only) then they can be added upon request.

Product Overview

  • Instant results – no walking up and down the range.
  • Order of shot display – see the shots as they fall and then review individually or view the whole shot pattern.
  • Simple to operate – wireless touch screen operation, is easy to get up and running.
  • Results database – optionally record shooting history into a database to be reviewed at a later date.
  • Safe – less time spent down range reduces risk.
  • Easy install – straight forward install to any size and shape of range and target system.
  • Weapon system support – shoot sub-sonic and supersonic rounds, from 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 9mm. Pistol, machine pistol and rifle.