INTERVID is the Judgemental Branching Video Courseware that allows the end user to not only play SD and HD video but also create their own training scenarios with the easy to use editor. Simply take a camera film the required video footage and then save it in to the editor/player and within minutes you can be training. This is a unique program as it is so user friendly.

Over many years in this industry we have found that end users require training footage that is relevant to their areas, not scenarios created by other departments in totally different parts of the world. Scenarios can branch from gun shots, CS Spray, Taser or an instructor key press so outcomes can always be different.

Intervid Student web

Military officers of the 21st century find themselves in more peace keeping environments. Gone are the days of just firing on full automatic each shot they fire is analysed not only internally but also by the inevitable world journalists that are present at every conflict. Officers are subject to many impossible situations but will find their decisions investigated in a court at a later date.


Intervid Control

The InterVid interface as like all the other Viper Courseware is simple to use which allows the instructor to monitor the student. A look back camera plays an after action review to not only show if the student shot any rounds but will also show how they took cover, etc. The picture in picture play back highlights exactly the student’s actions, including any verbal commands at any given time.