The “KD Range” (Known Distance Range) is an outdoor range that allows students to shoot out to longer distances. Different targets can be added to allow the realism of shooting on an actual outdoor range. Using the editor allows instructors to build known qualification shoots but with the added ability to add weather conditions (such as wind, rain, snow etc) along with the ballistic affect this would have on each round fired. Day or night shooting can be authored easily by the instructors and as in the QUAL X Courseware all results can be viewed and saved to a user data base.

KD Range - Student

The following graphic shows the “instructor view” on the monitor. The instructor can create new courses or edit existing ones at any time. As you can see the screen is neat, tidy and easy to use. This allows the instructor to focus on the students and the training at all times. Weather conditions can be added or changed which will allow the student to see the effect on the ballistics.

KD Range - Instructor 2

The above image shows snow whilst the image to the right shows rain. Any other type of weather condition can also be added. Any targets can be added to match current qualification courses. Up to four targets per screen and a moving target can be authored at any one time.