The “QUAL X” Courseware within the Viper Training System allows training for up to 4 shooters on a single screen. Instructors are able to create different qualification courses which allows the targets to be positioned accurately through the use of the instructor editor: Distances, lighting conditions and time scales can all be adjusted. Courses can be built very quickly, without having had lots of initial training.

4 PAA QualX

Targets can be authored to appear on a monorail where the image gets closer or further away depending on the instructors decision. Turning targets are also an option within the “QUAL X” Courseware where the targets are seen as either “friend”, where the student is not required to shoot, or “foe” where the student is required to shoot. All shots taken by all students are saved within a database, allowing the students and instructors to view an After Action Review (AAR). This option means that the shooting results can be recorded for later review. Students are able to visually see the shot placement, and this is made easy to view through a shot-by- shot analysis.

Qual-X - Instructor

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  • Qualification courses can be created, ranging up to 50 metres.
  • AAR allows students to analyse every shot taken, including the shot placement on the target.
  • Results of shot placement can be saved to a database, allowing progress tracking of each student.
  • Lighting conditions, speed and size of the target can be adjusted by the instructor.