Crew Served Weapons, Laser Inserts, Inert Weapons, Recoil Kits and Recoil Weapons.

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Handguns, Assault Rifles, HMG’s and Sniper Rifles

Recoil and non-recoil available

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Many options available.

Including a complete “Use of Force” option to include voice command, Baton, Flashlight, CS and Taser.

Additional infomation

Recoil Inserts

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The TRS system is a drop-in recoil system for semi-automatic and automatic firearms. The TRS system allows realistic training with handguns and rifles. The system utilizes compressed CO2 to simulate recoil by acting on the gun’s bolt or slide to “cycle” the gun. An integrated laser device is also incorporated and may be used to activate VTS.

Download the Dvorak Catalogue here.